Change your Language, Change your Thoughts

Multilingualism is the use of two or more languages, either by an individual speaker or by a community of speakers. General observation states that most number of Indians are Multilingual or at least Bilingual (two languages). Knowing more languages is actually an advantageous acquaintance.

Understanding of More than Two Languages:

When one has the knowledge of more than two languages, the person mechanically gets an overview of the respective region or culture. And such knowledge may lead you to understand the entire community. Be it foreign language or Indian language, if you are away from your native and you know the local language, it wouldn’t let you feel like an alien.

Professional Opportunities:

There’s one qualification that employers can’t seem to get enough of and that’s fluency in a foreign language. In order to get hired by the interviewers or trading across the borders, languages will surely aide you to grow and expand.

Originals; Not Translations:

Be in any legal documents, office papers, newspapers, movies or any piece of literature, the finest version will always be the real one, the original one. Language can help you to understand the matter with the specifications which shatters when it’s translated into another language.

Brain Benefits:

Multilingual speakers are used to switching mentally between tongues. Hence it is believed that being a multilingual improves yours ability of multitasking. Speaking a language is a creative process, as you use imagery and create varying forms of syntax. So, multilingual people are creative problem solvers. It is also said that learning a new language increases the neural connections in your brain, which is crucial to brain health.

“The limits of my Language are the limits of my World.” –Ludwig Wittgenstein

– Jhelum Vohra


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