Are you a vernacular medium student? You too can be good at English.

A vernacular means a native language or a native dialect. There still exist plenty of schools that don’t function using English Medium (ex. Gujarati medium/ Hindi medium schools).

It is taken for granted that people who have/ had vernacular medium schooling, don’t have a good command over English. This is certainly a misconception. Those who are studying in a vernacular medium school can improve their English. Some fascinating tricks as bellow would surely aid you for the same.



This doesn’t sound convincing, right? But it actually works. Hollywood has given a number of inspiring as well as stunning films to the world. You can pick any. Watch the original version (without dubbing) and observe how English is spoken by different people from different regions. This would also show you how the dialect modifies according to the characters’ background.

Word Games :

Try your hand at some fun! A crossword is the first thing that strike in our mind. Begin with a simpler one, keep giving yourselves challenges to find new words and increase your vocabulary. You may surely take help of a dictionary. If you have a partner, you can play another game. Choose any one celebrity/ animal/ place/ person in mind and describe that in English to the other person, he/she needs to guess it right.

Books :

It’s not that all English books are written in a literature style. You may find many comic books, short stories, simple poem or even novels. There would be a bunch of new words you might not know. Dictionaries will help you to find its meaning.  You can gradually upgrade the language of books that ultimately ends up with improving your own knowledge of English language.

News :

Perhaps the best idea it is! Read newspapers, watch news on Television or listen to it on the radio. All in English. You will understand that news anchors’ body language, journalists’ writing style and radio artists’ pronunciations- this all are worth observing. In an actually good manner, you shall develop your language in all listening, speaking, reading and writing. This practice would gain you knowledge as well.

Nobody is born with the acquaintance of any language. Never allow yourself to be judged on the basis of your English. Understand its importance and start using it. Let’s have some fun with this International language.


When I write lyrics, I really do go into an automatic folk appropriation mode. I see the vernacular register of 20th century song as being a bunch of forms to adapt and reconfigure.

– Jonathan Lethem


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